Family Meal


You can't live on beer and music alone ...

TFDI Fest is more than just music. It is about creating new ways to connect with each other. We believe there is as much power in bringing people together through food as there is in music so we have planned a Family Meal event. Together, guests and artists will sit at communal tables, pass around dishes and enjoy the beauty in sharing each other’s company before a night of music begins.

Union has crafted a lunch menu for us that incorporates vegetarian and gluten free dishes. While it would be fun to go old school pot luck with everyone – can you imagine the amazing dishes everyone would bring – it really wasn’t possible as guests and musicians are not only coming from around the US but around the WORLD.

This part of the weekend is unique and something we know you do not want to miss being part of on Saturday. There is no cost as this is our gift to you for investing of yourselves in what we know will be a memorable weekend for us all.

The bar will be open, so you may purchase your favorite thirst quenchers!

We must submit our final attendance numbers for Family Meal by August 27th, so we encourage you to purchase your ticket to the festival soon, if you haven’t already.