TFDI Music Festival

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Family Meal


You can't live on music alone ...

TFDI Fest is more than just music. It is about creating new ways to connect with each other. We believe there is as much power in bringing people together through food as there is in music and so again this year we will have a Family Meal. Together, guests and artists will sit at tables and enjoy the beauty in sharing each other’s company over a meal before a night of music begins.

This part of the weekend is unique and something we know you do not want to miss being part of on Saturday. There is no added cost to you as Family Meal is included in your Festival ticket and just one of the events that’s makes TFDI Fest a truly memorable weekend for us all.

The bar will be open, so you may purchase your favorite thirst quenchers!

 Film Screening & Q&A

Together with TFDI Fest artist Amber Rubarth we will watch a screening of the movie American Folk on Saturday afternoon followed by a Q & A with Amber.

When their plane from Los Angeles to New York is grounded on the morning of September 11, 2001, strangers Elliott (Joe Purdy) and Joni (Amber Rubarth) are unexpectedly thrust together amidst the chaos of that historic day. With little in common but both needing to get to NYC urgently, they accept help from Joni's family friend Scottie (Krisha Fairchild) who lends the duo a rusty old 1972 Chevy Van. The shock and stress of 9/11 quickly threatens to derail their cross country journey until the pair discover what they do have in common: a love for old folk songs. Armed with a pile of guitars left in the van from Scottie’s touring days, Elliott and Joni raise their voices together (and with those they meet on the road), re-discovering the healing nature of music and bearing witness to a nation of people who, even while mourning, manage to lift each other up in the wake of tragedy.

With a refreshing gentleness and beauty, AMERICAN FOLK lovingly chronicles the spaces between the suffering and fear, where music has the power to connect. Musicians Joe Purdy and Amber Rubarth give nuanced and thoughtful performances, with voices that are uplifting and achingly gorgeous. Filmed over 3,500 miles in 14 states, AMERICAN FOLK serves as a love letter to the natural beauty of America, to the style of music that has shepherded us through historically tough times and to the kindness of all of the "folk" that make America what it is.




Types of yoga:

Yoga Asana for Hair Growth (really!)
Baby Goat Yoga
Beer Yoga (made this up but would be fun)
Hot Yoga
Sound Meditation

Then there is TFDI Fest Yoga or as we refer to it 
“Hair O’ the Yoga”…

We know you are going to have a late-night Friday filled with dancing, singing, clapping and enjoying favorite beverages. To help you get energized and ready for the day on Saturday we are excited to announce that Gina Maria is returning to TFDI Music Fest to lead a Restorative practice on Saturday morning.

Gina will provide mats so all you need to do is show up ready to open your heart, open your mind, breathe, stretch and get ready for more TFDI magic! Namaste

See EVENTS on the TFDI Festival FB page
Date: Saturday, September 7, 2019
Location: Holiday Inn 
(room will be announced closer to the event)
Time: 9:30-11:00 am

Meet and greet


Bring your poster, bring your vinyl, bring your camera, the TFDI Fest Meet & Greet is a great time to get your favorite artists to sign stuff. Held Saturday afternoon after which you can put that stuff back in your hotel room and you don’t need to carry is around. 


Inside the Song


Songwriters deconstructed…

Inside the Song is a panel of 4 of our national touring songwriters where they walk us through the process of writing one of their songs and then perform that song for us.