TFDI Music Festival will be September 7/8, 2018 at SPACE in Evanston, IL.

TFDI Music Festival will be September 7/8, 2018 at SPACE in Evanston, IL.

What is TFDI Fest?  What the heck is TFDI??

 Just in case you don’t know the background story…

TFDI is a 'supergroup' of sorts.  Three singer songwriters with vastly different musical backgrounds and each with their own individual solo careers who came together to form something that is truly larger and more powerful than the sum of their parts. 

Tony Lucca, Jay Nash and Matt Duke sound as if their voices were destined to find each other when they sing. 

What does TFDI stand for, you say?  Never mind that now...you'll figure that out soon enough.

 For TFDI Fest the lineup of incredible musicians scheduled to perform have all been hand selected by Matt, Tony and Jay.  They are heroes, collaborators, friends and tour mates.  These artists were selected not only for their incredible individual talent, but also for the magic, alchemy and endless possibilities that exist when they are gathered together in the same room.

 The Festival will kick off Friday afternoon with a family welcoming featuring a very special unplugged TFDI mini set.  The music will yield for a bit to give attendees a chance to break the ice, reconnect and share in their excitement of the weekend.  From there, we will head into 5 hours of unforgettable performances on the stage at SPACE, hosted and curated by Matt, Tony and Jay.  After the show, we will all head back to Hyatt House, just a few blocks away, where you can expect to experience once in a lifetime musical collaborations and acoustic jams that will undoubtedly carry on well into the early hours of the morning.

 Saturday morning, we’re kicking things off by detoxing with a morning family yoga session at 10am….as our guests of the Festival!  We have lined up a wonderful local yoga instructor who will get attendees centered and ready for the day.  A break to freshen up and then we invite you to join us for Family Meal.

 Curated and hosted by our culinary gurus, Bill and Cheryl Bunce, The Family Meal is an incredible feature of TFDI Fest that really sets it apart from many music festivals and events.  This is your chance to break bread with the musicians that you have traveled from miles around to see and to connect on a deeper level with your musical brethren.  Bill and Cheryl are both professionally trained chefs and this year's family meal promises to offer the best locally sourced cuisine in an intimate yet casual environment.

 After Family Meal all the musicians will be on hand for the 'meet and greet'.  This is your chance to get your favorite album or t-shirt signed...or just load up on 'selfies' with the artists.

 As a premium add on, we are also offering an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the very birthplace of TFDI's first two recordings.  Festival attendees who book this event will be invited backstage to the studio at SPACE to witness a live TFDI performance captured on the cutting room floor and projected to the mix room speakers.

 As we roll into Saturday night, we will kick the music into high gear.  On stage always will be a piano, a drum kit, a bass and three acoustics guitars.  At any point in the show, one or all of those instruments might be used by one of the artists you least expect.

 The general idea and vibe of TFDI Fest is the same as that of the band that inspired the event…'together, we are so much bigger than the sum of the parts'.  Collaboration, connection, alchemy and friendship. 

 When you secure your ticket to TFDI Fest, you are stepping into something special that will always be a part of you and an experience you will never forget.