TFDI Music Festival


September 6-7

Evanston Space - Evanston, IL

What is TFDI Fest?  What the heck is TFDI??

What does TFDI stand for, you say?  Never mind that'll figure that out soon enough.

TFDI is a 'supergroup' of sorts.  Three singer songwriters with vastly different musical backgrounds and each with their own individual solo careers who came together to form something that is truly larger and more powerful than the sum of their parts.

For TFDI Fest the lineup of incredible musicians scheduled to perform have all been hand selected by Tony Lucca and Jay Nash.  (Matt Duke is taking a hiatus in 2019 while he focuses on his family and his new professional career.) This lineup is an assembly of heroes, collaborators, friends and tour mates.  These artists were selected not only for their incredible individual talent, but also for the magic, alchemy and endless possibilities that exist when they are gathered together in the same room.

The modus operandi of TFDI Fest is the same as that of the band that inspired the event…'together, we are so much bigger than the sum of the parts'.  Collaboration, connection, alchemy and friendship. 

When you secure your ticket to TFDI Fest, you are stepping into something special that will always be a part of you and an experience you will never forget.